Hacked! NES Classic Edition Modified to Include More Games


NES Classic Hacked
Retro nostalgia was had by all when the NES Classic Edition dropped this holiday season. Though the games packaged with the miniature device were well-received, one of the drawbacks of the NES Classic was its limited 30-game selection. Now it seems the throwback console has been successfully hacked to add more games.

Since the NES Classic lacked the option to load additional games onto the device, modders, as they tend to do, took matters into their own hands. One modder nicknamed “honeylabs”, was able to successfully load custom ROM files to their Japanese Famicom variant and posted the necessary files on Reddit.

Japanese hacker honeylabs releases first tool to put custom ROMs on NES classic mini
byu/MarvinO innesclassicmods

Honeylabs warned other users in the comments not to perform his method on a US-region NES Classic, as the two are not compatible, and it could turn someone’s system into a paperweight.

byu/MarvinO from discussion


A few days later, a Russian modder that goes by the name “Madmonkey” released his own method to adding additional games, along with a detailed set of instructions to perform it (the directions are so inclusive, I won’t post them here). As did honeylabs, Madmonkey also stressed the risk of the hack permanently damaging a user’s NES Classic if not done correctly.

These hacked consoles are supposedly able to keep the NES Classic’s GUI style, with additional games just being added to the scrolling list. The modification also includes the ability to customize any of the game’s cover art.

Since the modding community for the NES Classic is still a relatively new scene, it should go without saying that any modifications done to the mini-console runs the risk of completely bricking the device. More often than not, a bricked device is permanently inoperable.

So, are you excited about the notion of more games for the NES Classic? Are you planning on trying out the hack yourself? Should Nintendo just release their own patch at this point? Leave us your wisdom in the comments below and be sure to check out these other Nintendo articles!

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