VP Claims EA is “Aware of that Feedback” Concerning the Star Wars Battlefront Franchise

Star Wars Battlefront Feedback

With the latest and final expansion for Battlefront’s being released soon to promote the newest Star Wars film, Rogue One, Electronic Arts will now be shifting its attention towards the future of the Battlefront series. While the first EA Battlefront game had a great share of vocal fan praise, it also had its share of criticism. While fans also start begin looking forward to Battlefront 2, they can do so with the assurance that EA has heard their Battlefront feedback.

Battlefront Feedback

According to Chris Evenden, EA’s Vice President of Investor Relations who was reported by Gamespot to have spoken this week at an investor’s meeting, claimed that EA has indeed been listening to what fans have criticized about the first EA-produced Battlefront game.

“There we some comments around depth and single-player campaign. So we are aware of that feedback…but I wouldn’t want to announce exactly how we’ve acted on that.”

The VP did also acknowledge the immense success that Battlefront has been for EA. The game has shipped over 14 million copies and has been one of the bestselling Star Wars video games ever. We learned recently that EA intends to make Battlefront an annualized series and plans to release a new Battlefront game next year in-tandem with the Episode VIII film, despite not officially announcing the new Battlefront sequel.

Battlefront Feedback

While Evenden did not make any official correlation between EA’s awareness of fan feedback and their sequel plans, it would not be unreasonable to have hope for the new game to have a single-player campaign. And as a wise man will soon be known for saying, hope can make ten men feel like a hundred. What do you guys think? Are you glad EA has heard the Battlefront feedback? What would you like to see in the Battlefront sequel? Let us know in the comments below!

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