Three “Full” Valve VR Games Are Currently Being Developed

Valve VR Games

One of the biggest transitions that we have seen for a game developer in modern gaming history has been that of Valve. The developer of such hits as the Half-Life and Portal series of games has seen its company go from singularly focusing on game development, to become what seems to be the focal point of the modern PC gaming market. Their Steam marketplace has become most PC gamers’ go-to location for purchasing the biggest and smallest PC games (and possibly comics, movies, TV and more in the future). What seems to be one of the next big avenues in gaming is virtual reality, which Valve has dabbled with in the past, but now Valve seems tobe ready for the next big step. It appears that three “full” new Valve VR games are now in development.

A new report from Eurogamer has disclosed comments made by Valve president Gabe Newell at a recent media roundtable, in which Newell revealed the existence of these new Valve VR games. Newell also clarified that these will be three “full” games, as opposed to shorter VR “experiences” seen on the likes of Samsung Gear and PlayStation VR or the versions of Team Fortress 2 and Half-Life 2 that Valve was able to run in VR. Also noted was the fact that these games will make use of the Source 2 and Unity engines. When it comes to Valve’s inspiration for these new projects, Newell had none other than Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto to emulate, by saying:

“What we can do now is we can be designing hardware at the same time that we’re designing software. This is something that Miyamoto has always had. He’s had the ability to think about what the input device is and design a system while he designs games. Our sense is that this will actually allow us to build much better entertainment experiences for people.”

Newell expresses feelings of the PC gaming scene being stuck with the mouse & keyboard configuration for so long, and sees VR as a big leap forward for the medium. However, he also understands that their projects and their VR experience will not come to consumers cheap, but he hopes to give them an experience well worth the cost, saying:

Once you’ve got something, the thing that really causes millions of people to be excited about it, then you start worrying about cost reducing. It’s sort of the old joke that premature cost reduction is the root of all evil.”

There is no word yet on which, if any, of Valve’s franchises will be represented in these projects. Hopefully though, players will be able to say once these games release that “This was a triumph.” What do you guys think about these new Valve VR games in development? Which of Valve’s franchises would you like to see get the VR treatment in a new game? Let us know in the comments below!

Be sure to stay tuned for the latest Valve news, such as the new Steam update which brought greater and various new controller capabilities to the platform, here on Don’t Feed the Gamers!

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