Xbox Academy

Xbox Academy Helps Teach The Intros Of Game Development For Free!

Microsoft has created Xbox Academy to help aspiring game developers learn the ropes. The course will be held online and offer it’s attendants a first look at the fundamentals of…

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Fate 2 Nintendo Switch

Hand of Fate 2 Nintendo Switch Trailer Revealed (VIDEO)

As the Nintendo Switch moves into its second year, its success has prompted many developers to port pre-existing games over to the console. Popular games like Fortnite have been out…

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HUMANITY: Meet The Game That Will Make You Hate Crowds (VIDEO)

HUMANITY is, to put it lightly, weird. In development by Japanese developer tha ltd., the “crowd action game” takes a very simple premise – navigating crowds of people – and…

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Disney Lawsuit Under Way – Company Accused of “Spying” on Children

When people hear the name Disney, chances are they immediately think of children. That is what the company is all about, making kids dreams come to life. The words ‘Disney…

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Valve VR Games

Three “Full” Valve VR Games Are Currently Being Developed

One of the biggest transitions that we have seen for a game developer in modern gaming history has been that of Valve. The developer of such hits as the Half-Life…

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Facebook Anounces Unity Build for Gameroom

In August Facebook announced that they would be setting their sights on the gaming community, developing a new feature called “Gameroom”. Today , November 2nd, they announced that Unity build…

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