PlayStation VR Price

PlayStation VR Gets A Significant Price Drop

The PlayStation 4 boasts a number exciting titles for those that own Sony’s VR peripheral, but that considerable price tag may have convinced some to hold off on getting into virtual…

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VR Halo

Halo 6 Could Feature A VR Experience, According To Recent Listing

Halo has been around for quite awhile and although a large majority of the titles in the franchise have been first-person shooters, occasionally a different type of game comes out…

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Oculus Rift Outage

Oculus Rift Outages Reported Worldwide

Those looking to immerse themselves in some sweet VR action may not be confronted with the fun they were hoping for. Gamers across the world have been reporting a severe Oculus…

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Facebook VR Shooter

Facebook VR Shooter Removed From Conservative Political Action Conference

Those in North America are likely aware of the uproarious events that transpired over the last few weeks. This past Valentine’s Day saw a tragic school shooting claim the lives…

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Machinima Founder Hugh Hancock Has Passed Away

Machinima founder and VR developer, Hugh Hancock, has passed away. Known for his work as an online filmmaker, virtual reality developer, and establishing a well-known company, it’s disheartening to see…

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Sony Patents

Sony Patents Reveal New Details About Upcoming PlayStation VR Controller

PlayStation VR seems to be a big focus for Sony in the future, especially with PlayStation’s reported plans to vastly increase the platform’s library in 2018. This push for prominence…

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VR Technology

Nintendo Holds Firm To Their Stance On VR Technology

Virtual Reality continues to rise in popularity and market accessibility continues to grow. That being said, not everyone is onboard with the trending technology, and though it has become a…

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HTC Vive Pro

HTC Announces Vive Pro – Wireless VR And Other Upgrades On The Way

Arriving back in 2016, HTC’s premium VR hardware, the Vive, has continually provided a stellar immersion experience rivaling the likes of the popular Oculus Rift. An upgraded version of the…

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Final Fantasy XR Ride

WATCH: Final Fantasy XR Ride Coming To Universal Studios Japan

In a world where many everyday items, food,  even utensils have a Final Fantasy equivalent (not even your Cup Noodles are safe), why not add a VR amusement ride to the…

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Oculus Rift Price

Oculus Rift Price Drops Down To Lowest Yet On Amazon

Amazon just dropped the price down on the Oculus Rift and Touch bundle, allowing more and more players to jump into the Virtual Reality universe. The Oculus Rift price was…

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