Phasmophobia Anniversary

Phasmophobia Anniversary Update Celebrates A Year Of Terror

Steam as a platform has allowed PC games to shine and rise, even before they are fully completed. One such success story from the past year has been Phasmophobia by…

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Respawn Entertainment VR

Respawn Entertainment VR Documentary Project Wins Oscar

While video games as an artistic medium have grown more socially and culturally accepted, they have yet to fully reach the level of high art esteem that film is regarded…

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Resident Evil 4 VR

Resident Evil 4 VR Announced With First Gameplay Footage (VIDEO)

The latest Resident Evil Showcase may have largely focused on the upcoming Resident Evil Village, but the presentation’s final moments also brought focus to another project set in the RE-verse:…

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Valheim VR Mod

This Valheim VR Mod Is In Beta And It Looks Glorious (VIDEO)

Valheim has become the latest and greatest playground for modders, offering players a massive world to get lost in and bring their own additions to the experience. That said, one…

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Sony Patents

PlayStation 5 VR Headset And Controller Confirmed By Sony

While Xbox has pursued service-based avenues such as Xbox Game Pass in recent years, Sony has apparently kept its eye on peripherals with the PlayStation 5’s debut of the innovative…

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Microsoft Flight Simulator VR

Microsoft Flight Simulator VR Support Now Available (VIDEO)

Microsoft Flight Simulator released its latest installment this past August, allowing players to enjoy the friendly skies in a myriad of flying vehicles and travel the globe. One thing the…

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Oculus Quest 2 Facebook Login

Oculus Quest 2 Now Requires A Facebook Account (VIDEO)

VR company Oculus has been supremely busy since being bought by Facebook in 2014, having rolled out several virtual reality headsets as well as a number of high-profile partnerships over…

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blair witch oculus vr

Blair Witch Oculus VR Experience Coming Later This Month (VIDEO)

October is here and people are already getting into the festive, spooky spirit, including the folks behind the Blair Witch game – Bloober Team. Just in time for Halloween, Blair…

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Assassin's Creed VR Splinter Cell VR Oculus

Assassin’s Creed VR, Splinter Cell VR Announced By Ubisoft (VIDEO)

As is the case nearly every day in the year, Ubisoft has several games in the pipeline, including a few new projects as well as fresh entries in the Watch…

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Beat Saber Linkin Park Music Pack

Beat Saber Linkin Park Music Pack Released (VIDEO)

Beat Saber has quickly become known as one of the best rhythm games, and due to its virtual reality nature, it definitely stacks up in the fitness game genre. That…

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