Mass Effect Andromeda is Sending 6 Lucky Fans Into Space! Well… Close Enough (VIDEO)

Bioware, developers behind Mass Effect Andromeda, and the European Space Agency are sending 6 lucky fans to train for 3 days as real life astronauts! Well they aren’t actually going to space, but it’s still cool! It’s all a part of the ongoing Andromeda Initiative training videos, only this time they get to train for space in the real world.

Here is a list of all 6 recruits names, countries, a short bio, and their photos:


mass effect

Lucas Hauchard aka Squeezie is a YouTuber from France and he is best known for his gaming videos and collaborations with another YouTuber, Cyprien Iov. He has over 7 million subscribers. 


David Cánovas aka TheGrefg is a popular YouTuber in Spain who is best know for playing Call of Duty and vlogging.


Well, he’s actually a member of the YouTube channel Pietsmiet. His handle is Kessemak and he’s a German YouTuber and Pietsmiet has over 2 million subscribers.


Jane Douglas is a host for YouTube channel OutsideXbox. This adorable girl from the UK has over 1.9 million subscribers.


The SciFun YouTube page has over 700,000 subscribers, but it is NOT about video games. Here is the description translated from Polish: “Trivia, puzzles reality and fantasy world of science. Program SciFun, is the result of my passion cognitive curiosity and admiration for the enormous complexity and nature of the universe.” 


Yes, that’s him standing next to none other than HIDEO KOJIMA! That’s it… that’s his whole bio, just this picture. Just kidding! He’s a host for BBC’s Newsbeat Gaming Show which has over 31,000 subscribers.

These 6 recruits get to find out what it means to be Pathfinders. The Mass Effect Andromeda website posted the announcement video and we are super jealous! According to the website, “Before embarking on this mission to explore a new galaxy, the recruits will have to show their abilities in a series of space training sessions within the European Astronaut Centre, home base for all European astronauts in Cologne. They will discover the meaning of courage as they prepare for humanity’s journey first-hand.”

We are so pumped for this game and very jealous of these recruits! Are you ready for Mass Effect Andromeda? Let us know in the comment section below and follow DFTG on Twitter for all your gaming news!

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