Valve Debuts New Website, Teases “Top Secret” New Games


Valve has created quite a few of the most memorable and iconic titles in gaming history. From the first person shooter franchise of Half-Life, to the puzzle platformer of Portal,the company has a few classics on their hands. Sadly, Valve hasn’t put out a release in years leaving many fans to wonder what would become of their favorite series, however it seems this sleeping bear’s slumber is coming to an end.

The company recently re-launched its website with a fresh new design and a whole slew of new job opportunities. Gabe Newell has mentioned that Valve would soon begin shipping games again and the updated site shows signs towards that end. Alongside the many jobs available is the promise of some “Top Secret”  new games that are currently in the works. Unfortunately, there’s no word on what fans will be able to expect yet, hence the top secret part, but perhaps some new information will arise during this year’s E3.

There are a few hints as to what might arrive. Various positions being offered on the site indicate some of what they are looking for, such as a position for a level designer that speaks of “building the game world in 3D” and “using entity scripting to create cinematic sequences of gameplay.” The site also shows listings for writers with specialties in “cinematic and narrative video game writing,” which Valve has been famous for with their previous projects.

Currently, there are two projects that can be put down in the “known” column. First is a new game from Campo Santo that Valve recently acquired and the second is a mobile card game called Artifact. The latter title is one that has left fans a little disappointed. If Valve does intend to shed some light on what’s coming, the sooner the better.

While there is a dedicated fan development of what could have been Half-Life 3, it would be nice to see Valve coming back to the franchise held so dear by many players. What kind of games do you think the company will produce next? Would you rather see a return to franchise such as Left 4 Dead and Portal, or would you prefer to see something entirely new? Let us know your thoughts on Valve’s return to game making and more in the comments section below.  As always, don’t forget to follow Don’t Feed the Gamers on Twitter for 24/7 coverage of all things gaming and entertainment.


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