Fan Made Attack on Titan Game

Trailer Released for Free Fan Made Attack on Titan Game (VIDEO)

Early last year, an officially licensed Attack on Titan game was released on PlayStation 3, 4, Vita, Xbox One and Windows PC. The game was well received among fans, but that hasn’t…

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Mobius Final Fantasy

Mobius Final Fantasy Coming to PC with Final Fantasy VII Remake Crossover Event

Developers at Square Enix are best known for their long running Final Fantasy (FF) series. In 2016, the company released the mobile game Mobius Final Fantasy worldwide (released in June 2015 in Japan) for…

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Nvidia Announces GeForce Now Turning Any PC Into A Gaming PC

Not everyone has a PC set up that can handle the high-quality games coming out lately. This is becoming a problem for gamers in this modern day and age. To…

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Smite Shows New Goddess that Transforms into any God on the Map (VIDEO)

Smite is a beautiful third person MOBA published and developed by Hi-Rez Studios. It has picked up quite a following over the last year, and players love the fact that…

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Diablo III Header

Diablo III 20th Anniversary Patch Now Live in the Americas (VIDEO)

The Diablo Franchise has had an overall great history – 20 years of it, in fact. Three full games, each with their own expansion, have been released, and even rumours…

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Diablo III Cosplay Header

Couple Get Married After Meeting On Diablo III – Full on Cosplay in Epic Photoshoot (VIDEO)

We often hear stories about couples meeting online through games. You always here those “perfect love stories”; Player 1 plays game, Player 2 plays same game. Player 1 meets Player…

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PC Game ‘Tattletail’ – A 90’s Kid’s Nightmare Brought to Life (VIDEO)

Many of us who happened to grow up in the 90’s remember the toys that brought us blissful happiness. There are toys from our past that if you saw them…

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Battletech Shows Off Amazing Melee Combat In Latest Kickstarter Update

One of the most enjoyable aspects of Battletech was always getting into melee and bashing heads – something that has been missing from most (if not all) Mechwarrior video games….

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Star Marine

Star Marine Gameplay Video Shows Shootout In Space (VIDEO)

A new Star Marine trailer was shared with IGN in the last 24 hours, showing off fresh footage of players fighting it out in space. This beautiful looking module will…

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Darksiders Warmastered Edition Free for Owners of Original Title on Steam

Darsiders is old, but that’s ok! Old in 2016 doesn’t mean the same thing as it used to. We now have ways of catching a title up to the times…

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