Fall Guys

Sneaky Fall Guys Update Adds Valve Costumes To PS4 And More

After seeing a couple of hilarious costumes from other franchises in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, a surge of fans and companies began to shower the game with their desire to…

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Half-Life Mod Pits Spyro The Dragon Against An Alien Invasion (VIDEO)

The modding community is a special bunch. Looking at an iconic game like Half-Life filled with dark themes of science and struggling against an alien invasion, it’s hard to imagine…

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DOTA Underlords

DOTA Underlords Reveals Official Release Date, New Content

MOBA titles have been branching out into new genres in recent years, reconfiguring into strategy card games, auto battlers, and even auto chess. In the meantime, the likes of the…

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Valve Thief Allegedly Makes Off With $40,000 In Games And Hardware

Games and technology within the gaming industry are not cheap, and the intrepid player could definitely make a quick buck if they wanted to. As the industry grows and the…

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Valve Index

Valve Reveals ‘Index’ VR Headset

Valve co-founder Gabe Newell recently teased fans with the possibility of the long awaited Half- Life 3 arriving within the next 5 years. If that news wasn’t exciting enough, it…

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Half-Life 3 Release Date Teased By Valve Co-Founder

Nope, it’s not an premature April Fool’s Joke. It’s not a joke at all! Gabe Newell, co-founder of Valve Corporation and online video game retailer, Steam, ousts their plans! While…

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Steam Beta Update

Steam Beta Update Hints at More Xbox One Cross-Play On The Way

One of the biggest points of contention for gamers this year in relation to online video game platforms has been cross-play capabilities. Sony was especially put on blast earlier this…

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Valve Debuts New Website, Teases “Top Secret” New Games

Valve has created quite a few of the most memorable and iconic titles in gaming history. From the first person shooter franchise of Half-Life, to the puzzle platformer of Portal,the…

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Left 4 Dead 3 Teaser Posted By Fake Valve Dev Debunked

With iconic franchises such as Half-Life, Portal, and Left 4 Dead, it’s easy to give in to the temptation of believing a new game is just around the corner. A…

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GLaDOS Returns

WATCH: Portal’s GLaDOS Returns To Science With Two New NASA Videos

The Portal series doesn’t look like it will  be going places regarding a full third title anytime soon even after the recent release of a mobile counterpart, though that game…

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