Uncharted Director on Fillion Short: “Really Spectacular”

Two weeks ago, we witnessed what might be the best video game adaptation to ever hit screens. A short Uncharted fan film starring Nathan Fillion aired on YouTube, showcasing the actor’s love and knowledge of all things Nathan Drake. Fans have prayed for Fillion to take on the iconic character for years, and they were finally answered. The 11-minute short received rave reviews from its audience, which included the director of the full-length Uncharted movie, Shawn Levy.

In an interview with Bad Taste, Levy provided plenty of insight into his upcoming movie. The question of Fillion’s short came up, and Levy provided a glowing response.

“I think it was really spectacular! I found it directed very well, played just as well. Very funny. I liked it both as a fan of the game and of the franchise.”

Fans clamoring for more Fillion as Nathan Drake will have to hold on to hope. Levy cast Tom Holland to play a younger version of Drake in his upcoming Uncharted movie. Holland was 11 years old when the first Uncharted game debuted, making him an interesting choice to play the rugged adventurer. He’s considerably younger than any previous version of Drake, so the film’s tone will likely shift. Holland has shown that he can act with the snark and wit of Drake in his work as Spider-Man. Additionally, Holland grew up with the Uncharted series and may have played as a youth. His familiarity with Drake may not be on par with Fillion’s, but it will likely be close. His casting also means that we will receive spoilers much sooner than we would like.

In the interview, Levy went on to describe his close working relationship with Uncharted creator Neil Druckmann. Fans terrified of a poor adaptation should rejoice to hear that they have “a very good collaboration process.”

“Let’s say that Neil understood the fact that I will respect the game a lot but at the same time I will try to tell an original story about Nathan Drake that has not yet been told in the game. So I respect what he did, what he built and he respects my decisions that are more strictly cinematographic, related to the plot.”

Getting anything Uncharted related is a plus. Having a director who respects the developers means this film may just avoid the curse of game adaptations.

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