Uncharted’s Tom Holland Wants A Jak And Daxter Movie

Uncharted's Tom Holland Wants A Jak And Daxter Movie

Gamers everywhere are gearing themselves up for the long-awaited and long-in-production live-action Uncharted movie to be released next week at last. The film is one of several big video game film adaptations to be released this year, with Sonic the Hedgehog 2 coming soon after. The film stars Tom Holland as iconic protagonist Nathan Drake. Holland is, of course, no stranger to genre adaptations, with his most famous role so far being Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Now, Tom Holland has suggested that the next video game he would love to appear in would be a Jak and Daxter movie.

GameSpot recently interviewed Uncharted’s Tom Holland, as a part of his press tour for the new live-action film adaptation. After being asked about the Uncharted film already completed, Holland is asked in a video what game he would like to see adapted to a film for him to star in. Surprisingly, Holland suggests that he would like to star as Jak in a live-action Jak and Daxter movie, but not in the style and tone of the original games. Instead, Holland pitches the idea that it would be an A24-style film, suggesting a darker, more serious tone.

Uncharted's Tom Holland Wants A Jak And Daxter Movie

Holland could very well be playing coy with his Jak and Daxter movie answer. Uncharted fans would likely well know that Jak and Daxter was the game franchise that Uncharted studio Naughty Dog worked on before the start of Nathan Drake’s franchise. The Jak and Daxter franchise has been quite dormant, with the characters’s last appearance being the 2013 PS Vita remastered versions of the original trilogy of games. Still, Sony has made plans lately for several of their exclusive franchises to be turned into films and tv series, so it’s possible that the duo could see the big or small screen some time in the future. For now, fans can get ready to see Tom Holland’s new turn as a globe-trotting treasure hunter.

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