Fallout: New York Brings Fallout 4 To The Big Apple

Fallout: New York

Fallout 4 has had some really cool mods announced for it lately. Community creators are out there making some of the most impressive content the game has ever seen including those add-ons made by Bethesda. There are a lot of projects revolving around adding entirely new massive areas to the game and even putting in some familiar locations from past games into the Creation Engine in Fallout. That said, Fallout: New York will be taking the series to the wasteland that never sleeps for the first time.

Projects like Fallout: Miami and Fallout 4: New Vegas are highly ambitious, yet seem realistic enough since we have seen early builds that have a great amount of substance and it looks like we have another project that meets that same criterion. Fallout: New York, however, is a new mod project that promises to simulate large parts of one of America’s most famous cities while also delivering new quests and enemies to gun down.

The map will be based around the Central Park area and will have players exploring bodegas, apartment buildings, and metro tunnels to uncover more of the lore that surrounds a not too explored location in the Fallout Universe. Check it out in the video below:


Bethesda’s official lore that covers New York is briefly explained in this Reddit post:

“New Ghoul City-after 200 years rebuilding, the suburbs of New York are revitalized. Then, they were attacked. Deep beneath Manhattan was a Vault designed to test willingness to accept computer overlords. When the project went south, the Computer Overseer ghoulified it’s charges, and planted mind control devices in them, and has decided to do the same to everyone on Earth. 20 years of a brutal, bloody siege follow, as humanity fights a losing battle to prevent invasion from the fortified ruins of Manhattan, and it won’t stop until the Computer Overseer is destroyed.”

Here’s to hoping author roserosenbergfr decides to incorporate some of these events, or allusions to them, in their project. Even if they don’t, this is still a very impressive piece of work and I cannot wait to see if it materializes into something fantastic.

Would you explore a New York that is set in the Fallout universe? What kind of landmarks would you want to see? Be sure to follow us on Twitter for more coverage on this and other Fallout mods and check out some other stories from Don’t Feed the Gamers:


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