Uncharted 4 Writer Says Shut Down Of Visceral Games Star Wars Project Is “Killing Her”

One of the more saddening stories for gamers last year was the closure of Visceral Games by Electronic Arts last year. The developer of the Dead Space series also saw their long in-development Star Wars project moved to a new developer as a result. This disappointed fans hoping to see their darker take on the Star Wars universe, as well as employees who worked on the game. One such person is Uncharted 4 writer Amy Hennig, who wrote for the cancelled Star Wars game and has now expressed her disappointment in a recent interview.

Polygon conducted an interview with Amy Hennig and Sean Vanaman about the narrative-focused games that they have written for and their impact on the industry. During the interview, the topic of the Star Wars project at Visceral Games comes up, which prompts Hennig to open up about how much it still affects her. As Hennig says:

I haven’t had something published since 2011, and it’s killing me. I worked on Uncharted 4 for two and a half years, and then I worked on the Star Wars game for three and a half years. A lot of the work, thankfully, lived on in U4, and we’ll see what happens with the Star Wars thing.”

Because of the abrupt cancellation after years of work, Hennig now feels that she must be careful about her future choices of which projects to write for given her age, saying: “Well, if a game takes three, four, five years to make, and I’m 53, how many at-bats do I have left?”

There’s no word on what type of game Hennig will choose to write for, but given her track record she will certainly have no problem finding fruitful projects. Hopefully the next one reflects more of A Thief’s End, and less of Visceral Games’ end. What do you guys think about the comments by Uncharted 4 writer Amy Hennig?

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