Hidden Message In BioShock Rediscovered 10 Years After Release

From the most unlikeliest of sources, a hidden message from the original BioShock game was revealed. First released in 2007, which was in fact over 10 years ago now, the game is a hot topic once again now that a message was posted on 4chan. Posted anonymously by a user who supposedly assisted in development back in the day, the thread revealed a bug that has not yet been discovered by gamers. What better way to make its debut than from an anonymous tip? Check out the message below:

In BioShock 1, go to the second half of Hephaestus where you first encounter Ryan in person. Use Incinerate to get you down to 1 HP, then use it again on the area where the cutscene triggers and walk into it. You’ll die right when the scene starts, but wind up in a Vita Chamber outside the map. Turn on Art Captions and you’ll see a developer message about Paul Hellquist not doing his job. No one has found this bug yet publicly, it’s in all versions. Cheers.”

After following those specific directions, a hidden message appears on the player’s screen. It reads: “!!! Bug this! If you can read this Paul Hellquist did not do his job. Love, Kline.” See an screenshot of an instance below, courtesy of lordferky:

Though the anonymous 4chan post was met with some skepticism, the man in question spoke up on Twitter to confirm the scandalous news. Paul Hellquist is a Technical Director at Irrational Games, and likely embarrassed of this resurfacing or just used to it. According to Hellquist, this isn’t the first time the message has been discovered. Back in 2016, another gamer reached out to him with a witty response of “I’m sorry, but Paul didn’t do his job.” Regardless, it’s never garnered as much attention as it’s getting recently, that’s for sure.

Will you be trying out this bug for fun? What do you think of this sort of discovery being revealed to the public? It’s a fun little insight into the world of developing, and that sometimes you just got to have fun with it! Let us know what you think in the comments section below or start a conversation on Don’t Feed the Gamers Facebook page. To stay up to date on gaming news as it happens, follow us on Twitter! Here’s some of our latest:

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