Two Hardcore Prey Mods Increase the Level of Player Immersion and Difficulty

Prey Mods

Prey is a fairly challenging game depending on how you choose to play, and what decisions are made throughout the narrative. There have been speed runs that make the game seem like a piece of cake served on a silver platter thanks to a few key glitches, but the game when played in full can lead to some very challenging situations. Unfortunately, at the moment the vanilla game has a lot of “helping hands” implemented into the game such as audio cues when enemies are close, items have a slight glow to them, the present HUD cannot be turned off, and more. Thankfully, two Prey mods attempt to fix just that bringing with them challenging gameplay and immersion.

The first of two Prey mods is one simply called the Prey Immersion Mod, which does exactly what it sounds like. This mod removes HUD elements such as the crouch or flashlight icons, enemy markers, and the stamina/jetpack recharge meters. It also eliminates the music which accompanies the appearance of enemies. Nice small changes that make the game way more enjoyable for many players looking for more of a challenge. If that isn’t challenging enough, players can check out the Prey for Death mod which takes the Prey Immersion and decreases the survivability of the players and increases the toughness of the Typhon.

Prey Mods

Enemies in the Prey for Death mod are 20% tougher and along with the audio cues for enemies, the Mimic Detection skill is removed, forcing players to use keen eyesight and instincts to outmaneuver the enemy. In line with the item changes of the Prey Immersion mod, Prey for Death also puts more limitations on inventory item stacking, Typhon no longer drop ammo or grenades on death, and lootable bodies contain more fabrication licences replacing much of the loot found on them pre-mod forcing players to rely on crafting.

The survivability of the player is also decreased with the restoration of Traumas cut from the base game. These traumas are incurred by taking damage and can include: bleeding, fractures, burns, concussions, and partial blindness and can be only be treated by crafting or finding specific medical cures for each one, unless you have the new ability the mod adds. This new ability, called Field Surgeon, allows players to cure traumas with normal medkits. It also drops the health increase gained by food and completely removes any health gain by drinking water.

Are you ready for a greater challenge in Prey? Maybe some the changes the mods make will enter into the game in a future patch. Check out these two Prey mods and let us know what you think in the comments section below. As always, don’t forget to follow Don’t Feed the Gamers on Twitter for 24/7 coverage of all things gaming and entertainment.

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