Alien: Blackout Hinted To Be Revealed During Video Game Awards 2018

Alien Blackout

The Alien franchise has provided extraterrestrial horror for fans over course of many years from movies, to literature and even video games. While there isn’t much known about the rumored upcoming game in the franchise, there are clues to be found revealing some small details about what’s to come regarding the alleged Alien: Blackout.

At the moment not much is known about the title other than a trademark filed by 20th Century Fox. While the trademark doesn’t indicate that any one company is working on the title, many fans have looked to Cold Iron Studios for what could be on the horizon.

Alien Blackout

Looking through the company’s LinkedIn employee profiles such as Matt Highison reveals that the “next big Alien title” is currently in development for both PC and consoles, more specifically next-gen consoles. Craig Zinkievich, the CEO of the companyn as well as CTO Shannon Posniewski confirms this tease of a future Alien title.

Lastly, a Tweet from Geoff Keighley, the host of the upcoming Video Game Awards 2018, shows an image with the words, “World will change” repeated over and over. What makes this particularly interesting is the fact the image shares a similar logo with that of Weyland- Yutani of the Alien franchise.

Keighley reiterates the phrase followed by a date, December 6th, which coincides with the Video Game Awards this year. It’s entirely possible that the franchise will see some fresh news that may very well be Alien: Blackout.

There still isn’t much known about the upcoming title but if the last Alien game is anything to go, by fans are in for a treat filled with terror and suspense. Will gamers be seeing the reveal of the next frightening Alien game soon? Let us know your thoughts on Alien: Blackout and more in the comments section below.

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