Redfall and Starfield Delay Until 2023 Confirmed By Bethesda

Starfield Delay

While the biggest of gaming companies have been able to thrive and grow during the pandemic the past few years, their project have not been spared from other effects from the global crisis. With many studios having their employees work remotely, development has become slower and more complicated, which has led to major games being delayed. Even as the pandemic enters its third year, news of delayed projects like Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League continues to hit. Some of the most anticipated games are in development at Bethesda, though it seems that they have announced a Redfall and Starfield delay that will last into 2023.

Bethesda made the update on their progress with Redfall and Starfield through an announcement on their official Twitter account. The announcement of the Redfall and Starfield delay begins their message, confirming that both games are being delayed to the first half of 2023 for their anticipated release windows. The message acknowledges that Arkane Austin and Bethesda Game Studios have been working hard on Redfall and Starfield, respectively, though that more time is needed on both titles to ensure their most polished versions of them are released.


Bethesda continues to thank fans for their expressed excitement over these future games, and that hopefully they should have some looks at gameplay for both Redfall and Starfield soon. While the Redfall and Starfield delay may disappoint some fans, these days a delay should be more than expected. Most major games these past few years have seen a delay of some length at some point during their development, and Bethesda games are notorious for being among the most ambitious and complex in the industry. Hopefully fans can understand and look forward to when these refined gems get their time to shine amongst the stars.

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