The Witcher Season 2 May Resume Production Soon

The Witcher Season 2

Most of the past few months have been largely defined by the coronavirus pandemic that has heavily impacted the world socially and economically. The television and film industry was greatly shaken by the disease’s overwhelming presence, with most theatrical releases delayed by several months and scripted tv shows suspending production. One delayed television series in particular was the second season of The Witcher, which started production not long after the first season’s release was met with much acclaim. Now, as production facilities in the United Kingdom slowly start to re-open, hope for The Witcher season 2 to continue filming has begun to rise.


Deadline has reported that several major UK-based studios are beginning to allow film and tv productions to return. Elstree Studios and Twickenham Studios began their production schedules again, with the outlet also sharing that Arborfield and Longcross Studios may resume their planned filming projects in the coming weeks. This could give hope to The Witcher season 2 as the production was filming at Arborfield before the outbreak caused it to temporarily shut down, which coincidentally happened on the same day that new cast member Kristofer Hivju had been tested positive for COVID-19.

The Witcher Netflix Season 2

These studios all seem to be evaluating their safety procedures and when they feel prepared to allow filming productions to safely resume. It should be noted that these are only the studio management’s decisions to re-open, and media companies that wish to make use of these facilities will still have to make their own decisions regarding allowing their film crews and casts to continue working. Still, this does bode well for Netflix having the option to allow The Witcher season 2 to re-commence filming the new season. Although, if we see villagers tossing coins to The Witcher from at least six feet away in season 2, we would know why.

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