The Witcher Swords Explained By Netflix Series Star Henry Cavill (VIDEO)

The Witcher Swords Explained By Netflix Series Star Henry Cavill (VIDEO)

Netflix delighted not just gamers, but the greater casual streaming audience with The Witcher live-action series, which made its debut at the end of last year. The series stunned viewers…

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Official The Witcher Netflix Series Podcast Revealed

Unless you’re living under a massive rock, you’ve seen – or at least heard – of the hit The Witcher Netflix series that has reflammed the fandom love for the game counterparts…

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Witcher Author Andrzej

The Witcher Author Andrzej Sapkowski Ridicules HBO’s Game Of Thrones

The Witcher Netflix series has finally made its long-awaited debut, and the response has appeared to be quite overwhelmingly positive. Not only has the series’s first season been critically well-received,…

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The Witcher's Henry Cavill Reveals His Rage-Inducing Overwatch Main (VIDEO)

The Witcher’s Henry Cavill Reveals His Rage-Inducing Overwatch Main (VIDEO)

With December here, the wait for Netflix ‘s new live-action Witcher series is only days away. The project has excited many fans since being announced, but the excitement has only…

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Witcher Netflix Series Teaser

The Witcher Netflix Series Teaser Revealed Ahead Of Full Trailer Tomorrow

For most of this year so far, updates on the upcoming The Witcher Netflix series have been few and far in between. That was until this month when not only…

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Witcher First Look

Netflix‘s The Witcher First Poster Revealed, Closer Look At Yennefer And Other Characters

It has been quite a wait for The Witcher fans who have endured many months of small updates leading up to the release of the new Witcher Netflix series. Throughout…

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Witcher Netflix series

The Witcher Netflix Series Release Date Leaked (RUMOR)

With Game of Thrones finishing its historic 8 season run recently, many have been looking to fill that high production value fantasy void that is now missing from the television…

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