Cyberpunk 2077 CDPR Witcher

Cyberpunk 2077 Devs Releasing Two AAA Titles By 2021

Fans are counting down the days until this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo, where we see even more of the highyl-anticiapted Cyberpunk 2077. However, if a recent comment made by CD…

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Witcher Netflix Set Photo

The Witcher Netflix Series Set Leak Shows Off Geralt In Action

While they have been attempting to work with as much secrecy as possible, all eyes have been on the crew working on The Witcher Netflix series. The production has been…

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The Witcher Netflix

The Witcher Netflix Showrunner Shares Stunning Filming Location

The Netflix live action adaptation of The Witcher is looking to be perhaps one of the streaming service’s biggest undertakings for its library of original content. Much hype has been…

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The Witcher Netflix Series Leaked Video Shows Off Yennefer On Set (VIDEO)

The Witcher Netflix Series Leaked Video Shows Off Yennefer On Set (VIDEO)

An adaptation of the beloved Witcher book/game series has been underway for a number of months now, streaming service Netflix taking the medieval and supernatural adventures of Geralt of Rivia…

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Cyberpunk 2077 CD Projekt RED

New CD Projekt RED Origins Video Is Even More Hype for Cyberpunk 2077 Fans (VIDEO)

Cyberpunk 2077 fans are keeping the hype train rolling, and have been ever since the trailer dropped during Microsoft’s presentation at last year’s E3. With CD Projekt RED set to…

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The Witcher Mass Effect

The Witcher Mass Effect Crossover Fan Art Puts Geralt in Space

While neither The Witcher nor Mass Effect have new games in their respective series coming any time soon, as far as anyone is aware, both franchises have given fans enough…

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Witcher Netflix Series

The Witcher Netflix Series Adds Two New Names To Their Casting List

The Witcher Netflix series is perhaps the biggest new television show that gamers are looking forward to this year. Netflix has promised an ambitious tale featuring the star power of…

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The Witcher - Dream Daddy

The Witcher Is The Dreamiest Daddy In This Glorious Dream Daddy Fan Art

Fan art not only shows off the creativity of people, but it can also provide some great crossover concepts. Such is the case with a recent piece that places The…

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The Witcher

Free The Witcher Tabletop RPG Coming This Summer

We’ve previously talked about the long-awaited The Witcher tabletop RPG that finally made its debut last year, but now a free version of the beloved take is coming soon to…

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The Witcher Netflix Series Script Leaks As Fans Rush To Decode It

Netflix’s Witcher series has been fairly quiet for some time, long enough that fans are beginning to get anxious with anticipation for the upcoming show. This has led some to…

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