The Witcher Author Andrzej Sapkowski Ridicules HBO’s Game Of Thrones

Witcher Author Andrzej

The Witcher Netflix series has finally made its long-awaited debut, and the response has appeared to be quite overwhelmingly positive. Not only has the series’s first season been critically well-received, but it has also become one of the most popular streaming series on Netflix, and even across all streaming platforms this year. The Witcher Netflix series even helped The Witcher 3 video game see the most concurrent players ever on Steam recently. Many have compared the new Netflix series to HBO’s Game of Thrones series, but The Witcher author Andrzej Sapkowski has spoken regarding how he wanted the series based on his books to be different.

As seen on social media and websites like, a series of quotes from The Witcher author Andrzej Sapkowski have resurfaced, reaffirming the new Netflix series’s position as the next Game of Thrones. The quotes from Sapkowski were made at a 2018 panel at Warsaw Comic Con, in the author’s native country of Poland. During the panel, Sapkowski is seen making the following quote:

I believe that my job as a creative consultant for this series is to make sure that at NO point in the show Ed Sheeran sings. And that I will make sure doesn’t happen. I will make sure.”

This was a clever jab at Game of Thrones, which was known to feature celebrity cameos, but found much audience backlash after the most egregious cameo was made by singer Ed Sheeran in season 7. Many fans vocally berated this choice online, claiming it to be too distracting. This backlash may have even led to a throwaway line in season 8 which implied that Sheeran’s character was brutally burned.

True to Sapkowski’s word, The Witcher Netflix series did not seem to feature any musician cameos at all. In fact, most of the series’s actors seem to be relatively unknown personalities outside of Europe. We’ll see if future seasons avoid the temptation to throw in a cameo from Justin Bieber or Lil Jon, but for now, The Witcher seems to hold true to that moment when Sapkowski decided to be Thinking Out Loud.

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