Final Fantasy VII Remake’s Full Demo Intro Leaked (VIDEO)

Final Fantasy VII Remake's Full Demo Intro Leaked (VIDEO)

Another day brings yet another Final Fantasy VII Remake leak, though this time said leak appears to be the genuine article. Previously, there had been talks that a demo for the remake was on its way and was slated to arrive on the PS4 early next year prior to the title’s March release. Now, still without confirmation that the actual demo exists, the entire full intro has seemingly been leaked.

The leak comes by way of YouTuber Lystrasza, who posted what appears to be a genuine intro sequence for the Final Fantasy VII Remake demo, as revealed by the title screen of said demo shown at the beginning of the video. The footage is absolutely beautiful and very closely mirrors the opening cutscene from the original game, and as such this is without a doubt what fans can expect when the demo finally becomes available, likely within the next month or two. Check it out below:

The Final Fantasy VII Remake’s demo intro plays out much in the same way the original opening cutscene does, with Aerith emerging from an alleyway before the camera zooms way, way out to show viewers a good look at Midgar. The ‘landing’ of the game’s logo personally gave me chills, after which the camera zooms back in to check out what Cloud and the members of AVALANCHE are up to as they begin their assault on Mako Reactor 1. If the entirety of the game is consistent in terms of quality then chances are fans won’t have much to complain about when the remake finally arrives on March 3, 2020.

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