DFTG Recaps Movie/TV Trailers Of The Week: March 11th (VIDEO)

DFTG Recaps Movie/TV Trailers Of The Week: March 11th (VIDEO)

Another week means yet another round of trailers to wrap one’s eyes around. The last seven days saw quite a few previews come to prominence, teasing the return popular shows,…

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Game of Thrones Season 8

Game Of Thrones Season 8 Was Originally Planned As Multiple Theatrical Films

The final climactic season of Game of Thrones is still many months away, leaving so much for fans to speculate about the final season and the future of the franchise….

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Game Of Thrones White Walker Scotch Whisky Is Coming (VIDEO)

‘Game Of Thrones’ White Walker Scotch Whisky Is Coming (VIDEO)

Those that have read some of my past articles know that I am a big fan of both alliteration and a strong drink, so I was very excited to hear…

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George R. R. Martin Producing

George R.R. Martin Producing Animated Film Adaptation For The Ice Dragon

There is still the better part of a year to go before the eighth and final season of the massively popular Game of Thrones television series airs on HBO. Based…

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Exclusive New Game of Thrones Translucent Night King Figure Now in Stock!

If you’re like us and are hanging on like Cersei to the Iron Throne for the final season of Game of Thrones, you might be looking for new ways to…

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Dungeons and Dragons Campaign

New Game of Thrones-style Campaign Released For Dungeons And Dragons By Publisher

Classic tabletop RPG Dungeons and Dragons has been on the receiving end of quite a lot of love lately, namely unique classes and campaigns. One such example of the former is…

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new Star Wars films

New Star Wars Films To Be Written And Produced By Game Of Thrones Creators

With Disney’s acquisition of the Star Wars franchise came what will likely be a never-ending iterations of films and spinoffs. With the latest series reaching its close, talk has come…

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Kingdom Come Deliverance Total Conversion Mod Recreates Game Of Thrones

Kingdom Come Deliverance is set to release in a little over a week, and there are teams already developing mods for the game. One such team is in the works…

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Thrones Pokemon Parody

Game Of Thrones Pokemon Parody Is The Hilarious Retelling We Need (VIDEO)

YouTuber Cash Sonny has taken to the video waves with a new 8-bit style animation that is as hysterical as it is amazing. The talented animator reveals a Game of…

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Kingdom Come Deliverance trailer

Kingdom Come Deliverance Trailer Reveals Revenge Story For The Ages (VIDEO)

The latest Kingdom Come Deliverance trailer shows off plenty of cinematic and gameplay features. Its main focus, however, lies in the journey of Henry, a blacksmiths son who is probably…

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