Virtual Console

Virtual Console Will Not Return For Switch, Nintendo Confirms

Nintendo has delighted many a fan with the recent unveiling of their long-awaited Switch online service, breaking down features such as cloud saving, subscription pricing, and a rotating series of classic…

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Nintendo Switch Online Service Will Feature 20 NES Games At Launch

Nintendo Switch Online Service Will Feature 20 NES Games At Launch

The Big N has finally released more information regarding its upcoming Nintendo Switch Online Service, and the details revealed are sure to please fans of the company’s classic NES titles….

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Iwata Golf

Hackers Claim Iwata Golf Game Tribute Has Been Removed From Nintendo Switch

The end of 2017 is nearly here, and with it, Nintendo can look back and see the first year of the Nintendo Switch’s life cycle as a success. The nifty…

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Contra Reboot

WATCH: Contra Reboot Made By Students Is An Amazing Modernization

Fans of the original 1987 NES classic and subsequent sequels haven’t had a game land in the franchise in four years, and it has been even longer for a console…

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star fox 2 cartridges

SNES Star Fox 2 Cartridges are Already Being Pirated (VIDEO)

The SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System) Classic Edition sold out at pre-order and has been moving quickly off the shelves since its release on September 29th. The appeal of nostalgia…

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classic golf game

Classic Golf Game Hidden Within Nintendo Switch Firmware

With the Switch only having been released in March, there are likely many secrets still hidden within the confines of the portable console. One such secret was unearthed by a…

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Classic NES Game Duck Hunt Recreated in Halo 5 Forge Mode (VIDEO)

Halo 5: Guardians released all the way back in 2015 and the main game has largely grown stale in the eyes of those waiting for the eventual Halo 6. Making…

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Air Jordans

Nintendo NES-Themed Air Jordans Come With 80’s Flair And A High Price Tag

When it comes to showing off one’s pride for their favorite game or movie, wearing the merch to go along with it is a great way to share with the…

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These Classic Custom NES Joy-Con Controllers are Gorgeous But Definitely Pricey!

The company ColorWare is known for creating all kinds of custom painted gaming accessories and stickers that are seriously out of this world. The latest item added to their site…

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Toaster NES Console Mod

Modder Creates Completely Functional NES Console Out Of A Toaster

It should be well known by now that the creativity of the modding community knows no bounds especially when it comes to Nintendo fans. Whether it’s a console mod that…

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