Nintendo NES-Themed Air Jordans Come With 80’s Flair And A High Price Tag

Air Jordans

When it comes to showing off one’s pride for their favorite game or movie, wearing the merch to go along with it is a great way to share with the world and connect with others of like minded interest. From shoes to clothes, to even accessories, there are a multitude of ways to show off that pride and looks awesome while doing it. However, that pride can come with a heavy price tag, as is shown by the latest shoe design from Freaker Sneaks:, an online custom shoe designer that really makes a bang with your buck. The latest shoe design revealed on the official website is definitely a head turning pair and perfect for the Nintendo fan in all of us. Check out the NES Air Jordans below to see these shoes in all their glory:

According to the site’s description,

The Nintendo Entertainment System. Responsible for so many hours in front of the television as a kid growing up in the 80’s and 90’s. A true classic. Completing Super Mario Bros just once was never enough, while Duck Hunt completely changed the game with the  zapper light gun!  Each pair made with official NES controllers. Buttons and D-pad are pressable, of course.”

That’s right! These shoes have real, pressable buttons directly from actual Nintendo controllers, and a fun design that perfectly showcases the Nintendo NES style, with the classic colour scheme and some extra features like Mario labels and a cartridge-shaped Jordan tag. These certainly pack in a lot of Nintendo pride and frankly, how cool do these shoes look?

So how much do these epic shoes cost? Quite a bit, as only 10 pairs will be created. These Nintendo Air Jordans will rack up about $1250 dollars, considering such a small line of these shoes will be available for purchase. While the price tag can be a little scary, consider that Air Jordans are pricey to begin with. Add on the intense custom job and the work put into these, as well as the limited quantity available, it makes sense that the price tag would be so high. For those that may not want such an expensive pair of shoes, or a different style, Freaker Sneaks does do custom work on shoes, as long as the customer provides the base. For those who want a custom pair, check out the official website here and place your order for a unique and one of a pair that screams ‘you’!

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Thoughts on the custom Nintendo NES Air Jordans? How many Nintendo fans wish they had a pair of these sneakers as their very own? Make sure to join in on the discussion in the comments section below, and don’t forget to follow DFTG on Twitter for live gaming and entertainment updates 24/7.  As always … game on, friends!

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