WATCH: Contra Reboot Made By Students Is An Amazing Modernization

Contra Reboot

Fans of the original 1987 NES classic and subsequent sequels haven’t had a game land in the franchise in four years, and it has been even longer for a console game. A few students working on a project created a modern Contra reboot that will make fans want a new title ASAP. The one level game titled “Contra 2028” features a whole host of awesome features that can be seen in the video below:

Eight students worked on the Contra reboot for eight weeks and combines plenty of things fans loved with a modern twist. The project utilizes the Unreal Engine 4 and looks stunning in action. Players of the one level game battle hordes of alines in what the developers call “an homage to the original title”.

Students were challenged to reboot an NES game from a list generated by their teacher. The students took the challenge seriously, creating a short but fun jaunt through the Contra Reboot level. New abilities like a jetpack allow players to glide across the floor, shooting enemies along the way, while hyper jumping and dilated aiming time gives an exciting edge over all of the baddies. The students were so happy with what they made that they decided to release it to the public! Here is what they had to say about it:

The release is just on our part since we believe that what we created was good enough to be shared freely on the internet. All the team was hyped about rebooting Contra and we made it as an [homage] to the original title.”

The Contra reboot is definitely an impressive take on the game, especially from a small team with a narrow window to completion. With any luck, fans will get a chance to see more from these developers as they keep making awesome games. Contra 2028 is available to play right now for free on PC and can be found on the games official website.

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