NES Classic Consoles in Stock Today, Nintendo Switch to Hit Best Buy Shelves This Week

It’s been a frantic fight to the death to purchase NES Classic consoles, but word on the street is that a certain chain retailer for electronics will have a batch…

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Capcom Bundle “The Disney Afternoon Collection” Features Six Remastered NES Games (VIDEO)

Capcom just announced a new bundle called “The Disney Afternoon Collection” that will feature six classic Disney games that were available for the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) console back in…

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Someone Recreated the Original Metroid Soundtrack and it’s Awesome (VIDEO)

Video games inspire creativity in many people that play them. Some create wildly-colorful fan drawings of Pokémon, while others write expansive fan-fiction about how Wario and Princess Peach belong together. YouTube user…

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A Castlevania TV Series Appears to be all but Confirmed by Adventure Time Producer

Castlevania is a game series that first premiered on the Family Computer Disk System (FDS) in Japan back in 1986 and then made its way over to EU and NA on…

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Cyber Shadow Title

Cyber Shadow: an NES Style Game on its Way – Gotta Save That Ninja Clan

You are a powerful ninja that has awoken from a long hibernation to find your clansman have been captured. You must now battle through countless enemies and fight to save…

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Castlevania - NES Classic Edition

Every Cheat and Code You Need to Know on NES Classic Edition

Now that the NES Classic Edition has been released…and sold out…like, within seconds, it’s time to have some fun! That is, of course, if you were lucky enough to get…

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Never Fear- NES Classic Edition Will be Restocked for the Holidays!

The NES Classic Edition has launched today, and in good, old-fashioned Nintendo style, the system is selling like hotcakes! In fact, the demand for these adorable little systems is so…

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NES Classic Edition Now Has a Wireless Controller Option

Reviews of Nintendo’s soon to be released NES Classic are in and have been positive for the most part. The $59.99 gaming machine comes with 30 of the retro console’s…

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Blaster Master Zero

Blaster Master Zero to Hit 3DS in Spring 2017!

Blaster Master is a wonderful blast from the past, but it’s time for that ship to not necessarily sail, but maybe make some room for a new ship. An updated…

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NES Classic Edition Comes with 30 Pre-Installed Classics!

Oh, yes. You heard that right. On November 11th, 2016 (in just 4 days), players can get their hands on the Nintendo Entertainment System Classic Edition, plus 30 pre-installed games…

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