New Skyrim Mod Brings “Modernized” Third-Person Experience (VIDEO)

Skyrim Mod True Directional Movement- Modernized Third Person Combat

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim was and continues to be a glorious adventure, whether players choose to explore the vast depths of dungeons and caves or fight monsters and bandits throughout the countryside, there’s always something to do or discover. The title can be further expanded through modding, and a dedicated fan base is willing to take matters into their own hands to improve upon an already enjoyable game. Some mods bring new content in the form of stories or new lands to adventure through while others alter the game on a more fundamental level, improving the game’s mechanics or introducing new features that the vanilla game lacks. One such mod improves upon the existing third-person perspective, making it more of a “modernized” experience.

Listed on NexusMods, a mod called True Directional Movement- Modernized Third Person Gameplay allows for players a new experience that’s unlike anything the Elder Scrolls franchise has seen. Created by modder Ershin, the TDM mod gives players a more intuitive camera for combat and general movement, enabling new gameplay features found in many modern third-person titles such as Dark Souls and The Witcher. In addition to the camera, the mod also adds features like locking on to specific targets, allowing characters to attack and defend from any direction, and more.

Interestingly, the target locking mechanic allows players to see enemy health bars during combat, with small ones indicating a normal enemy and larger ones representing bosses or tougher enemies. For the ranged combat side of things, the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim mod also houses some added options, allowing players to choose between “Predictive Aim” and self “homing projectiles.” The Predictive Aim takes velocity, distance, and more into account in order to hit targets with more skill. Homing the projectiles does exactly what it seems, almost guaranteeing a direct hit on a target regardless of where the player shoots.

The TDM Skyrim mod does quite a lot to bring a fresh experience to the game and while it is still fairly new, the project has gained an impressive amount of followers and users. If that’s any indication, the mod is sure to considerably enhance the player experience for the game. For anyone interested, this particular mod is specifically for the Skyrim Special Edition only and requires players to have SKSE, Address Library for SKSE Plugins, and SkyUI in order for the mod to work properly.

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