Morty Dungeons

Rick and Morty Dungeons & Dragons Crossover Comic Announced

Sadly, it will still be quite a while before Rick & Morty fans will see more animated adventures from their favorite duo. In the meantime, this beloved universe has other…

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Dungeons & Dragons Augmented Reality Brings Your Favorite Monsters To Life

Dungeons & Dragons Augmented Reality Brings Your Favorite Monsters To Life

Now is an amazing time to be a fan of Dungeons & Dragons fan. Loads of companies that don’t actually have ties to the popular tabletop game have been fan…

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Dungeons & Dragons Hawaiian Shirt Now Available, Because Why Not?

We’re getting into the warmer months now and it’s time to finally shuck those winter coats and fish out those worn out flip flops. For table top connoisseurs like ourselves,…

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Dragons Stats

Battle Pokemon In Dungeons & Dragons With All 151 Original Creatures

Despite being one of the foundations of modern day geek culture, Dungeons & Dragons has only grown in popularity through the years. The classic tabletop game is celebrated in current…

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Plane Shift Article

‘Dungeons & Dragons’ Crosses With ‘Magic: The Gathering’ In Glorious Fashion

Like clockwork, the latest edition of Wizards of the Coast Dragon+ magazine came out earlier this week. The magazine is loaded with exciting news about D&D and this edition reveals a new…

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Chris McKay

Nightwing Director Chris McKay In Talks For Dungeons & Dragons Film

The modern day and age of popular blockbuster films and television shows seems to be heavily populated with adaptations of properties once thought to be reserved only for those invested…

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Neverwinter Free Update Coming to Xbox One and PS4 – Full of New Features and Adventures

The popular Dungeons & Dragons based MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) Neverwinter is rolling out a free update that contains a ton of new adventures and features. The update is titled Shroud of Souls and…

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Boost Your Charisma with These Dungeons & Dragons Valentine’s Day Cards

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it is customary to show appreciation for your loved ones through the gifting of tokens such as chocolate, flowers, or other thoughtful gifts….

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