Terry Crews Gets Down on Some World of Warcraft-inspired Dungeons & Dragons (VIDEO)

World of Warcraft’s Horde and Alliance will continue to duke it out against each other when the upcoming Battle for Azeroth expansion hits the shelves. In celebration of the upcoming…

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Destiny Is Getting The Dungeons & Dragons Treatment From Fans

Fans of Destiny looking to expand their play options have a new project seeking to port the game to a tabletop very soon. The Sci-fi franchise has some devoted Dungeon…

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Dragons Miniatures

Dungeons & Dragons Miniatures Get The Magic The Gathering Treatment With New Set

With the release of the Guildmaster’s Guide to Ravnica, fans will be excited to hear that WizKids is releasing a new set of Dungeons & Dragons miniatures based on the…

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Dungeons & Dragons Magic

Dungeons & Dragons And Magic The Gathering Crossover Guide Announced For 2018

Outside of video gaming, it is hard to think of any non-digital forms of gaming more synonymous with geek culture than Dungeons & Dragons and Magic The Gathering. Dungeons &…

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Critical Role Miniatures

More Critical Role Miniatures Planned For The Future

Tabletop gaming has seen a resurgence in popularity in recent years, especially due to the presence of tabletop-focused shows on the internet. Many YouTube channels have invited viewers to watch…

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Dragons Monster

New Dungeons & Dragons Monster Will Put Low Level Players To The Test

Tabletop players are no stranger to the dangers a Dungeons & Dragons monster can pose at any level. A solid GM knows how to balance encounters to suit the party…

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Dungeons And Dragons Announces A Brand New Story Of Waterdeep Adventure

Wizards of the Coast announced a brand new Dungeons and Dragons storyline to hit the shelves, one of eerie deep waters and creatures of the sea – Waterdeep: Dragon Heist. To…

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Dragons ARG

Dungeons & Dragons ARG Leaves Secret Messages In Reviews On Yelp

For those who’ve not been keeping up, there is a Dungeons & Dragons ARG (Augmented Reality Game) going on over the internet that is getting pretty complex. The D&D Twitter…

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Joe Manganiello

True Blood’s Joe Manganiello Wrote For Dungeons & Dragons Adventure

The tabletop glory of Dungeons & Dragons has seen a welcome resurgence of popularity in recent times as evidenced by its prominence in the Netflix series Stranger Things and crossovers with other…

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Morty Dungeons

Rick and Morty Dungeons & Dragons Crossover Comic Announced

Sadly, it will still be quite a while before Rick & Morty fans will see more animated adventures from their favorite duo. In the meantime, this beloved universe has other…

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