Dungeons & Dragons Miniatures Get The Magic The Gathering Treatment With New Set

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With the release of the Guildmaster’s Guide to Ravnica, fans will be excited to hear that WizKids is releasing a new set of Dungeons & Dragons miniatures based on the world of Magic the Gathering. The crossover book is on its way and the company known for their mini figures is looking to add more tangible items to the gaming experience.

The Dungeons & Dragons miniature announcement was made this week and will be a new line in the “Icons of the Realms” miniatures set. Coupled with the book, players will be able to fully immerse themselves in Ravnica and the Magic the Gathering universe. Take a look at a few the figures being released below:

All told, the new Dungeons & Dragons miniature set will include 44 pieces and includes a giant dragonlike figure (the red one above) as it’s most prized. Based on Nic-Mezzet, this 15,000 year old dragon wizard has created many of the inventions that have transformed Ravnica. He connects to some of his followers with a psychic link called Firemind, a part of his “Dracogenius”.

Guildmasters Lazav and Trostoni will also be joining the ranks of Dungeons & Dragons miniatures, along with monsters like Nightveil Specter and Boros Reckoner. Players can pick up sets in booster boxes that will have a random large miniature and three small to medium ones. There will also be five-figure starter sets from different guilds and the two sets will give players a full collection of miniatures representing the ten Ravnica guilds.

Guildmaster’s Guide to Ravnica and the miniature sets are expected to release around the same time, in November of 2018.

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