Resident Evil 7 Demo Finally Comes to the Xbox One – Full Details Here

PlayStation 4 fans have been able to enjoy a plethora of demos from the upcoming game by Capcom: Resident Evil 7. From the crazy lady in the kitchen, to general…

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resident evil 7 gameplay

Meet the Bakers in These Bone Chilling Resident Evil 7 Gameplay Videos

Capcom released a 3 part series of Resident Evil 7 gameplay footage that lets us get to know the creepy Baker family a little better. All 3 videos are super…

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Resident Evil 7 Beginning Hour Demo Guide to Unlocking Both Endings

A third update for Resident Evil 7 Beginning Hour has been released! This may be old news for some, and you may have already found the new handgun, monster and dual…

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Dormant Capcom Franchises

Dormant Capcom Franchises Could Be Revived After Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite

Capcom fans awaiting the return of the Marvel Vs Capcom franchise got a surprise attack of joy this past weekend with the revelation of Marvel Vs Capcom’s existence. This will…

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Marvel VS Capcom: Infinite Shows of Captain America and Morrigan in Extended Trailer (VIDEO)

In an extended trailer for Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite, Morrigan Aensland from Capcom’s Darkstalkers and Captain America of Marvel Comics fame were both confirmed to be in the upcoming game. The…

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Monster Hunter Generations Gets Free Street Fighter Themed DLC

Last year, Capcom came out with the same collaboration for the Street Fighter for Monster Hunter 4: Ultimate (MH4U). This time around, Monster Hunter Generations gets the same treatment and it’s…

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Akuma Makes His Way to Street Fighter V – PSX Reveal

Trailers! Hail all the trailers and announcements from PlayStation Experience! Akuma was revealed for Street Fighter V during the opening ceremony of PSX 2016, and will be debut on December 20th….

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PSX Resident Evil 7 Demo Will Be Getting a Massive Update Tonight (VIDEO)

Announced at the PlayStation Experience today, Capcom will be releasing a brand new Resident Evil 7 demo, and the final update will go live tonight. The announcement was made with…

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Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite Announced

Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite Announced with New Trailer (VIDEO)

It’s been an early Christmas for gamers this week, first with all of the announcements that came out of The Game Awards, and now with all of the news coming…

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Have a Street Fighter V Holiday This Year with Festive Costumes and More! (VIDEO)

December brings 6 new Street Fighter V holiday costumes and a new holiday themed version of the New York stage. Camo clad Alex’s hometown is decked out with lights, giant…

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