Sunset Overdrive Leak Indicates The Title May Be Coming To PC

Sunset Overdrive is a wild romp through a quarantined city overcome with once-human mutants who consumed a new brand of energy drink called Overcharge. Players were tasked with fighting off the Overcharge Drinker mutants, or OD for short, while exploring a colorful open world filled with some of the most hilarious humor ever seen in a game. Additionally, players could show off their rebel style and flair with colorful character creation and customization options, which could be changed throughout the game. Basically, this game was a gem – but unfortunately, and Xbox One exclusive.

Now this wonderful title may be making a return according to the Korean Video Games board, which has leaked the Xbox One’s PC port before an official announcement could be made.

The lo-fi soundtrack, fluidity of motion throughout a gorgeous world, the “F*ck You” rebel attitude, vast arsenal of strange and silly weaponry, and more made for quite a unique game, as expected from the developer Insomniac Games. It might seem strange at first, but with Sunset Overdrive 2 hinted at over and over again, it makes sense that the company would want to generate a little bit more interest before officially announcing the franchise’s return.

There’s been no word from Microsoft concerning the validity of a port for the Insomniac title, but it would make for a welcome addition. One can only imagine what insanity modders would come up with. Could this be a small indication that the sequel is close at hand? Let us know your thoughts on Sunset Overdrive and its possible arrival on PC in the comments section below. As always, don’t forget to follow Don’t Feed the Gamers on Twitter for 24/7 coverage of all things gaming and entertainment.

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