Xbox Game Pass Cloud Gaming

Xbox Game Pass Cloud Gaming: All Titles Confirmed So Far (UPDATED)

Beginning life under the name of Project xCloud, Xbox Cloud Gaming has arisen over the past year as one of the fastest-growing gaming avenues under the Xbox umbrella. Focused around…

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Xbox Game Pass for PC

Xbox Game Pass For PC: All Titles Confirmed So Far (UPDATED)

Xbox has been considerably growing in profile over the last few years, with the company’s most pronounced focus being its subscription service Xbox Game Pass. Initially released for Xbox One…

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Xbox Game Pass For Console

Xbox Game Pass For Console: All Titles Confirmed So Far (UPDATED)

Continually growing and evolving its availability of services, Xbox launched Game Pass back in 2017 with the goal of offering fans a premium assortment of games for a flat monthly…

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Halo Television

Halo Television Series Live-Action Trailer Revealed (VIDEO)

Television has especially been looking to the world of video games for pre-existing material and fanbases for adapting to big-budget series. The streaming services are betting big on these projects,…

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Minesweeper Ugly Sweater

Microsoft Minesweeper Ugly Sweater Already Sold Out For The Holidays

Another holiday season is upon us, and with it comes all of the traditional capitalist festivities! The world of video games is no stranger to the holidays, even though supply…

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Halo Infinite Launch Trailer

Halo Infinite Launch Trailer Pits Master Chief Against Great Odds (VIDEO)

The Xbox Series X has finally reached its first-year anniversary, and soon it will see the release of its most anticipated exclusive title, Halo Infinite. The game, which was meant…

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Halo Infinite Season 2

Halo Infinite Season 2 Delayed As Season 1 Extends To May 2022

Xbox Series X owners have been enjoying the new console the past year, but the experience so far on the device has felt incomplete for many of them without Halo:…

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Halo: Master Chief Collection

Halo: Master Chief Collection Debuts OG Xbox Gear For 20th Anniversary

The Halo franchise has been around for a whole 20 years, an impressive amount of time for any series to run in the video game world. It’s a feat worthy…

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Xbox Adidas Sneaker Collaboration Debuts Xbox 360 Design

While being the youngest of the big three video game console brands out there, Xbox has still cemented itself as a strong part of the gaming industry. The Xbox brand…

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Xbox Games With Gold For November 2021 Revealed (VIDEO)

Xbox Games With Gold For November 2021 Revealed (VIDEO)

As Autumn runs its course and the days get coolers, gamers are more than ever looking for games to play indoors. The folks over at Microsoft are more than happy…

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