Original Xbox Backwards Compatible Titles

First Wave Of Original Xbox Backwards Compatible Titles Arriving On Xbox One Tomorrow

When Xboss Phil Spencer took the stage at this year’s E3, not many were expecting to hear the news about original Xbox titles being made backwards compatible. As he began…

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Xbox One X Start-Up Screen

Xbox One X Start-Up Screen Will “Possibly” Be Unique

Start-up screens are an important part of gaming consoles and will always be integral when identifying which system was just booted up. After all, finding out that the volume on…

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True Power Campaign

Xbox One X – Feel True Power Campaign Full TV Feature Premiere (VIDEO)

Earlier this week, Microsoft began a campaign for the upcoming Xbox One X called under the title “Feel True Power”. A series of short videos were released featuring various descriptors…

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Original Xbox Games

First Original Xbox Games To Become Backwards Compatible Leaked

Given that initially the Xbox One did not have any backwards compatibility, early adopters of the console were pleasantly surprised when Microsoft confirmed that backwards compatibility for specific Xbox 360…

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Halo Wars 2 Crossplay

Halo Wars 2 Crossplay Is Coming Soon To Xbox And PC (VIDEO)

In the wake of the “Awakening the Nightmare” expansion, Creative Assembly and Microsoft have announced Halo Wars 2 crossplay functionality. PC and Xbox One players will get to enjoy the…

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Microsoft x Sony

Xboss Phil Spencer Thinks Sony Joining In On Cross-Play Is A “Lost Cause”

The topic of cross-play has been a huge one in recent years, with everyone seemingly onboard except for the PlayStation powerhouse that is Sony. Team Microsoft has been very vocal…

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Xbox One UI Design

Microsoft Announces Four New Xbox One S Bundles Arriving This Fall

Microsoft has announced four new Xbox One S bundles, just in time for the upcoming holiday season. Each bundle will be available for purchase in the coming weeks, though your…

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Bootleg Cuphead Games

Bootleg Cuphead Games Are Flooding The Android App Market

One of the biggest points of gaming-related conversation right now revolves around Cuphead, the little indie darling that kept gamers waiting for years and delivered a gorgeous 1930s cartoon-inspired experience….

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Microsoft Talks About What It Takes To Build An Xbox One X

A couple of guys from the Microsoft team recently spoke about what it actually takes to build a console from the ground up. Senior Designer for the Microsoft Device Design…

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Master Chief Riding Scorpion Xbox One X

Every Xbox One X Contains Master Chief Tribute Inside (VIDEO)

Last year’s E3 was a big one for Microsoft and Xbox. The official announcement of Project Scorpio sent shock waves across the gaming universe as Phil Spencer dubbed the upgraded…

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