Xbox Scarlett And PS5's SSD Will Have Biggest Impact On Open World Games, Says Dev

Xbox Scarlett And PS5’s SSD Will Have Biggest Impact On Open World Games, Says Dev

Gamers are on the cusp of a new generation of consoles, with both Microsoft and Sony leading the charge with the Xbox Scarlett and the PlayStation 5, respectively. While there…

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Xbox July Update Brings New Xbox Game Pass Features And Alexa Commands

Microsoft is hard at work getting ready to launch a bunch of new titles across the year, giving players plenty of adventures to partake in for months to come. This…

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Bob Ross Painting

Bob Ross Painting Recreated In Minecraft By YouTuber (VIDEO)

Despite losing some of its internet gaming ubiquity, Minecraft still holds a significant lofty beloved place in gaming culture nearly a decade after its initial release. With the game having…

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Xbox Game Pass Adds 8 More Games

For the month of July, Xbox Game Pass is bringing a whopping 8 more games to the vault and with the variety they’re bringing to the table, it won’t disappoint….

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Console tariff

President Trump Delays Video Game Console Tariff On China

For many of us, video games are a great distraction from the difficult travails and turmoils of the outside world, especially in the current chaotic political environment in America. The…

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Alan Wake

Remedy Regains Control Of Alan Wake – Is A New Game Inbound?

Many of you know Alan Wake as the amazing thriller from Remedy Entertainment that was released back in 2012. While there was a follow-up to the popular title, it wasn’t…

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Xbox Games With Gold

Xbox Games With Gold For July 2019 Announced, Including Castlevania

We are weaning down to the final 2 days of June and we are starting to take a look ahead for what Microsoft has in store for us next month….

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Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo video game tariffs

Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo Release Joint Letter To Prevent Trump Video Game Tarriffs

As long as the video game has been commercially viable for business, its biggest companies have always held a strong spirit of competition. Those that grew up in the 90s…

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Gears 5 Microtransactions

Gears 5 Microtransactions Confirmed, But There Won’t Be Loot Boxes

Gears 5 has excited many Xbox One owners since its announcement, not just as a new exclusive title, but as a sequel promising a new experience different from previous Gears…

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e3 2019

Xbox Boss Phil Spencer Says E3 2019 Suffered Without Sony

Sony and Microsoft have been evolving through the years as the gaming industry continues to expand beyond our wildest dreams. While Sony seems to be moving in a much more…

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