Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Fan Creates Concept Art Of Old Man Starkiller

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Fan Creates Concept Art Of Old Man Starkiller

While Disney may have shuttered the majority of the Star Wars Expanded Universe – now referred to as ‘Legends’ – for good, those that grew up and played video games during LucasArts’ heyday will likely remember the action-packed Star Wars: The Force Unleashed games and its central protagonists. The original title’s Galen Marek admittedly didn’t stick around for too long, though his successor – fondly referred to as Starkiller – closed out the sequel with a bit more grace, keeping his story open-ended for the future. Now, a fan of the Star Wars games has built upon that by showing off a few pieces of concept art depicting Starkiller as an old man.

Twitter user @HegoDamaskEU recently posted about an idea he acted upon a few months back that led him to draw up some concept art of Starkiller as an old man. According to the user, the concepts turned out “pretty cool” so he thought he’d share them. Check ’em out below:

While Star Wars: The Force Unleashed faded into obscurity a bit over the years, it is important to note that Jedi: Fallen Order was in part built upon the foundation laid by games such as those. The Force Unleashed games also took place around the same time frame as Jedi: Fallen Order, so, wouldn’t it be nice for Starkiller to meet Cal Kestis at some point? It’s certainly an interesting thought, and we reportedly have a Jedi: Fallen Order sequel in the works. Who knows, it could very well happen.

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