This Fallout 4 Mod Offers Incredible Skyrim-Inspired Power Armor Suits (VIDEO)

Few titles stir the imagination like Elder Scrolls and The Elder Scrolls. Bethesda’s flagship franchises have earned unfathomable sums of cash for the company. They may be the two most popular RPGs available right now. Thanks to the wonderful world of mods, Skyrim and Fallout 4 closer than ever before. By downloading the TES-51 Power Armor mod, you can (kind of) play as the Dragonborn in Fallout 4.

This mod has been available for some time, but we just found it and can’t stop staring. I’m particularly fond of the Nordic Warpaint suit, complete with the classic horned helmet. But when it comes to Skyrim, is there ever a wrong choice?

Here’s the full list of the mod’s features.

  • One full set of TES-51 Power Armor with lots of mods, including a backpack and some animal trophies.
  • All standard headlamp colours supported
  • 6 new paint jobs, including Nordic Warpaint, Winter Camo and Skyforge Steel
  • 2 weapons based on the Steel weapons from Skyrim, a warhammer and a sword
  • A small new location with an untold secret
  • 3 new custom magazines
  • 3 custom loading screens

As with all things Bethesda, customization reigns supreme. This modder understood that and made sure to give players a full menu of choices for their Skyrim Power Armor. It’s also available for console players, meaning nobody feels left out. Of course, this mod pales next to the scale of some others, so that can almost be expected. Just don’t hope for a Fallout 4: New Vegas mod any time soon, console brethren. Though all of us should worship at the altar of Todd Howard.

You can download the Skyrim-inspired Power Armor on Nexus Mods and rejoin the Wasteland in style. It should make killing time before Fallout 76 considerably easier, and you can expect plenty of mods for that releases, too!

Which paint job is your favorite? Give us your thoughts on this mod in the comments below! Be sure to follow DFTG on Facebook and Twitter for more gaming news and updates!

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