Beyond Skyrim: Cyrodiil Reveals Kvatch With New Teaser (VIDEO)

Beyond Skyrim

Beyond Skyrim is easily one of the most ambitious and exciting mod projects for Skyrim. Passionate, dedicated fans have been working on bringing to life all of Tamriel with new stories and parts of the continent to explore. Using references from previous games including ESO, and canon lore, each new installment is bringing more of the Elder Scrolls universe to life.

The team responsible for Beyond Skyrim have dropped a new teaser showing off Kvatch in their Cyrodiil sect. Kvatch is one of Cyrodiil’s oldest Colovian cities, explored in Oblivion. The city has a deep history and tradition and is among the 9 major cities. See for yourself in the video below:

Beyond Skyrim has been gaining plenty of steam since they released Bruma a year ago. Small teams have been working on every aspect of the game, pouring hours into recreating the entire world of Elder Scrolls. As the team continues to make tremendous leaps in progress, it won’t be long before the next part of the world is available for play.

While the team has a long way to go before Beyond Skyrim is complete, the undertaking is quite impressive. Of course, Cyrodiil is just a small part of the puzzle, with each part of Tamriel getting as much attention as possible. For more info on all of these projects, check out their website here!

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