Gun Enthusiast Makes An IRL Gears Of War Lancer Gun That Can Definitely Still Kill You (VIDEO)

Chainsaw Bayonet

Many of the most popular games on the market have something that’s instantly recognizable to players. Donkey Kong has his tie, Assassin’s Creed has the Hidden Blade, Gears of War has the brutal and bloody Lancer with its chainsaw bayonet attachment. Favored by main character of the series,  the weapon is a sight to behold and one enthusiastic fan have taken it upon himself to recreate the gun’s attachment for use in the impending zombie apocalypse.

It’s called the “Firearm Mounted Anti-Zombie Device” and consists of an AR-15 with a chainsaw bayonet mounted underneath the rifle’s barrel. The Lancer’s chainsaw uses a gas based fuel source while the chainsaw in the video below uses electric power with a 14-in blade perfect for cutting small trees and the slaying of pumpkin “zombies”. The shooter is able to fire the weapon and then switch over to the chainsaw portion without taking too much time or effort.

*Do not try to recreate this (we legally have to say this)

The latest Gears of War title is available on PC and Xbox One. It’s also one of the titles which received a 4K enhancement for the Xbox One X. Let us know your thoughts on the zombie killing chainsaw bayonet attachment and more in the comments section below. As always, don’t forget to follow Don’t Feed the Gamers on Twitter for 24/7 coverage for all things gaming and entertainment.

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