Conan O’Brien Has Ronda Rousey Demo the Xbox One X, But Not How You’d Expect (VIDEO)

Ronda Rousey Demo

Ever since Conan O’Brien’s shift to his show on TBS starting in 2010, Conan has heavily leaned into appealing to gaming audiences, especially with his Clueless Gamer segments. As such, it would make perfect sense for Microsoft to choose Conan’s show as the talk show to express the power of their new console, the Xbox One X, to audiences. To accomplish this, Conan had Ronda Rousey demo the Xbox One X’s 4K gaming power on his show yesterday, but not in the way one might expect.

The video seen above from the official Team Coco YouTube channel was also aired on Conan last night on TBS. Given this abnormal spectacle for his show, Microsoft was given a prime night to debut their Xbox One X on television. Thus, Conan summoned Ronda Rousey on stage, as well as a man named Dustin, as they both held Xbox One X controllers, seemingly ready to play a live demo of a game running in 4K. However, few could have anticipated what came next.

As it looks like Ronda is readying to jump right into a live game demo on a screen opposite the stage, the UFC legend then proceeds to punch the man named Dustin in the groin. The camera then shows Conan’s sidekick Andy Richter’s gleeful reaction, which Conan claims is the same reaction players will have to the Xbox One X. Conan then joins Rousey in kicking the fallen Dustin, saying it is like the experience of playing Xbox One X with friends. We have definitely not seen a live presentation of a new video game console like this for a while. One might say, this one was quite nuts. What do you guys think about this Xbox One X Ronda Rousey Demo? Let us know in the comments below!

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