New Third Party Pokémon Go App Allows Players to Identify Pokémon Locations

Pokémon Go can be rather tedious when most players have to go around and guess where a specific one might be. It takes a lot of lucky intuition and patience – lots of patience. Previously, third party applications were created to appease this and many other problems and gripes, but Niantic promptly shut them down. According to the the marketing director of said company, Mike Quigley, the biggest reason stemmed from the server crashes these apps would cause. Top that with the overwhelming popularity the game received after its initial launch was placing unprecedented amounts of stress on the servers as well. However, implementing these types of features are on the long list of to-do’s for the company. Instead of waiting, however, another third party developer has created a scanner called PokeVS, a new Pokemon Go app, and it looks like this:

It’s a web based app that gives players real-time updates and locations of particular Pokémon within an area. For example, if someone lives in the area of Santa Monica, California (above) it will give a wide spread of information and icons. Users can zoom in and out for more specific locations. For a subscription fee of $10 a month, PokeVS allows trainers to scan an unlimited amount of times, granted there is also an account attached to the server as well. There are more less pricey options available for those not looking for an unlimited plan. For more information, and to sign-up for the service, a link to the website is here. Depending on Niantic and the Pokemon Company’s reaction, this may or may not be available for long.

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