Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO Stopping Apple Watch Support Next Month

Back in the early days of Pokemon GO, the game supported the use of Apple Watches to allow players to keep track of steps, spin at Pokéstops, and even receive…

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Pokemon Go Reportedly Adding Armored Mewtwo Soon

A new variation of Mewtwo might be on the horizon if a recent datamining reveal is to be believed. According to Twitter user known as Chrales, a recent file dig…

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Pokémon Go Team Change

Pokémon GO Team Change Feature Coming Next Week

It has been two and a half years since Pokemon GO first launched, and the game is still one of the most popular mobile games on the market. During its…

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Pokemon GO Valentine’s Day Event Reveal Adorably Pink Catches

Another holiday warrants another themed event! This time around, Niantic and team are celebrating the lovey-dovey holiday with a wide array of adorably pink catches. To run with the heart-filled…

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Pokemon GO Holiday Event Adds New Shiny Pokemon

For the second half of December, Niantic and company  have plenty of bonus holiday loot for Pokemon GO players, including new shiny Pokemon, plenty of ice-types to go around, and…

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Pokemon Go Devs Reveal First Trailer For Harry Potter: Wizards Unite (VIDEO)

Pokemon Go Devs Reveal Trailer For Harry Potter: Wizards Unite (VIDEO)

Collecting all the Pocket Monsters was the subject of Niantic’s 2016 title Pokemon Go, and the company was able to turn this premise into a pretty substantial success that continues to…

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Pokémon Go Announces "Gen 4" Pokémon Coming Soon

‘Pokémon Go’ Announces “Gen 4” Pokémon Coming Soon (VIDEO)

Pokémon GO is well into its third year of existence, and the mobile gaming phenomenon continues to find ways to surprise its players and keep them coming back for more…

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Pokemon Go Psychic Event Kicks Off Tomorrow, Details Here

The team at the Pokemon Company and Niantic always has interesting ideas hidden up their sleeves when it comes to the hit mobile game, Pokemon Go. From the recent revelation…

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Pokemon GO Reveals New Mythical Pokemon – Meltan (VIDEO)

A new Pokemon Go discovery has both Professor Oak and Willow on their toes, and even Trainers all over social media! Last week, sightings of a mysterious creature with a…

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Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go Devs Hopeful For PvP By The End Of The Year

When Pokemon Go added trading and friends, it allowed players to connect in a whole new way. Going hunting with friends meant they could trade new catches in the moment,…

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