Pokémon GO Developer Forms Partnership With Punchdrunk

Pokémon GO has done a great job of bringing the series’ world of monsters and battles to the real world and the AR title has seen a good deal of…

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Pokemon GO

Pokémon GO Reveals COVID-19 Recovery Initiative For Local Businesses

Pokémon GO has grown considerably since its initial launch back in 2016, bringing in multiple generations of Pokémon, new ways to interact with the world, and more. With the recent…

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Pokemon GO studio Niantic

Pokémon GO Studio Currently Has 10 Games In Development (VIDEO)

Since debuting four years ago, Pokémon GO has amounted to immeasurable success for developer Niantic, with millions of users still embracing their inner trainer on a weekly basis. The time…

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pokemon go abra community day feat

Pokemon Go Abra Community Day Returns With ‘Play At Home’ Edition

With all that’s going on, people and companies have been getting creative in terms of how to stay entertained. There have been numerous event cancellations, delays, and closures but one…

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Pokémon GO Battle Day Marill Event Starts Soon – Here’s What To Expect

Since launching back in 2016, mobile developer Niantic has showered Pokémon GO with quite a few updates, adding such big features as trainer battles, competitive leagues, as well as all-new…

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Pokemon GO Spring 2020

Pokemon GO Spring Event Arrives Next Week

With everyone being home a lot more these days, Niantic has been trying their best to ensure Pokemon GO players would still be able to be the very best. That…

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Pokemon Go Changes

Pokémon GO Makes Playing From Home Easier Due To Coronavirus

The state of the world right now hangs in the balance due to the coronavirus pandemic. COVID-19 has already had a significant impact on the gaming industry, having caused big…

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pokemon go valentine's day

Pokemon Go Valentine’s Day Event Celebrates Love With Eggs

The holiday of love, chocolate, and anatomically incorrect hearts arrived just in time for the long weekend and Niantic’s got a sweet little surprise for Pokemon Go players. Even if…

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pokemon go pokemon day 2020

Pokemon Go Celebrates Pokemon Day 2020 With Armored Mewtwo And More

Believe it or not, Pokemon Day is officially February 27th! This year, Pokemon Go is bringing on the festivities in a big way! In light of Pokemon: Mewtwo Strikes Back…

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pokemon go

Pokemon Go Lunar New Year Event Kicks Off With Red Pokemon

Those unfamiliar with the color traditions of Lunar New Year, red is a lucky color. It’s a celebration of hope, prosperity, luck and good fortune. Returning once more, Pokemon Go…

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