Overwatch’s Pharah May be Getting Forever Flight Buff (VIDEO)


To all of us Overwatch fans that tend to shy away from Pharah, this is devastating news. These times are dark and hard, indeed. Justice being dispensed from above is bad enough as it is, but now she may never have to return to the ground after thrusting upward into the sky! Run. Run and never look back! I implore you to seek shelter at all costs!


BlizzCon brought about a ton of announcements, which you can find right here, and among them was an abundance of Overwatch related goodness. After these announcements had been made, a patch or two may have been released in the PTR (Public Test Region), with Pharah being a target. The result? A 35% increase in Pharah’s hover jet lift. That’s right, Pharah just may be receiving a buff. Pharah usually has everybody running for dear life, but now, if this patch does go live, there’s no telling how valuable she’ll be to have on the team.

In a video posted on PC Gamer’s YouTube channel, and available below for your convenience, you can see how this buff can be used to hover, well….forever. The player takes a two minute hover around a practice map without touching the ground. It’s fun to think of all the greatness players could achieve with that 35% lift increase. It effectively lets the player remain in the air long enough for the jump jet to cool down, at which point you could use it again, let off the hover to regenerate fuel as you fall, wash rinse, and repeat. Crazy shenanigans abound!

How does this buff make you feel, gamers? Are any of you partial to Pharah and excited to see what permanent flight feels like? Let us know in the comments! Don’t forget that if you haven’t played Overwatch before, there will be a free weekend Nov. 18-21 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Now is the time! Before you go down into that comments section, though, you really need to check this out. The voice actor who plays Lucio, Jonny Cruz, chatted up the cast of Overwatch and the results are absolutely wonderful! Hearing Reaper say “I need to know where the bathroom is” is always a fantastic experience for all to enjoy, and if you enjoy enjoying things, we write about things here at Don’t Feed the Gamers, and you should stick around so you can enjoy those things with us!

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