More Focus Could be Put on Stories of Overwatch’s Symmetra and Pharah Soon

With just a few days left until the anniversary extravaganza for Overwatch, the game’s first year is drawing to a close. The event is sure to bring a plethora of…

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Overwatch Pharah Fan Theory Just Might Prove Who She is Related To!

Conspiracy theorists, take note! A Pharah fan theory is circling Reddit that just might prove who the Overwatch fighter is related to! We know what you’re thinking: “But it’s just…

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Overwatch’s Pharah May be Getting Forever Flight Buff (VIDEO)

To all of us Overwatch fans that tend to shy away from Pharah, this is devastating news. These times are dark and hard, indeed. Justice being dispensed from above is…

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Phara Cosplay

Awesome Rains from Above with this Amazing Pharah Cosplay from Overwatch

It is no secret that Blizzard Entertainment’s Overwatch has become a worldwide hit. With a cast of such memorable characters, it’s inevitable that we will see some amazing recreations of those characters….

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