Newest Update for Plague Inc: Evolved Introduces Vampires (And Not the Sparkly Kind)

The disease simulator and strategy game Plague Inc: Evolved has now added a new pathogen called the Shadow Plague. In case you haven’t heard of it before, the point of the game is to bring an end to human civilization by developing a deadly plague in order to wipe all the humans out while adapting to avoid all the tricks humanity comes up with to fight back. The Shadow Plague is different than any of the other diseases. According to the post on the steam community page, it creates the vampire:

The Shadow Plague is a sentient, mutagenic pathogen which triggers a powerful thirst for blood in its chosen host. Can humanity defend itself against a powerful vampire attacking from the shadows?

To win, you have to feed your host in order to ultimately transform into a “monstrous bat” and  set up lairs and shadow portals to aid you in your destruction. You can also create slaves who worship your vampire host and use “Blood Rage” to defeat your enemies the Templar and the World Health Organization (WHO) before they defeat you.

plague inc vampire

Plague Inc: Evolved will also be adding the Brexit (Britain’s Exit from the EU) to it’s events in the game. You get to influence how the event happens and even keep the UK in the European Union if you’d like! This game is currently available on Steam and Xbox One. Are you ready to create a fearful creature of the night to erase human history? Let us know down below in the comments section and as always check back to Don’t Feed the Gamers often for all things gaming! Here’s a little teaser of Plague Inc: Evolved below:

In other gaming news, did you hear that Overwatch’s Pharah may be getting a forever flight buff? Better run and hide friends!

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