Ark Goes Full On Futuristic With Tek

Every time I get bored with Ark: Survival Evolved, they do something to pull me back in. First it was the Primitive Plus update that added building on boats, fishing, new dinos to tame and ride, and new building materials. Now, the upcoming Tek update that will force me to re-download a game that had been uninstalled multiple times over.

One of the biggest problems with ARK was the lack of late game content. Of course, you could tame enormous, overpowered Gigas, collect artifacts, and fight the Broodmother but most peoples interests wane far before that.

Fortunately, as the game gets closer to it’s official launch, the developers have started tackling some of the more interesting features, like power armor, underwater building, and giant freaking lasers strapped to dinos faces. The latest preview video is all about  the Tek upgrades that make it look like an entirely different game.

When put together into the Tek suit, you can see through walls, ultra punch enemies, fly around with your jetpack, and run at super speeds that can destroy low grade materials. If balance is your main concern, know that these suits are powered by a very difficult to obtain resource called Element, so you won’t just be jumping into one of these in the first few hours of the game.


Little has been said about the underwater base features, but I for one will be recreating a to scale replica of Sea Lab and we’ll let you know our findings as more information trickles in.

So are the Tek upgrades enough to bring you back to Ark? Are you not entertained?! Let us know if you’ll be playing in the comments and invite us to play if you’ve got your own server!

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