Overwatch Debuts Exclusive Halloween Pop Vinyls

Overwatch Mercy Halloween

The annual Halloween Terror event continues to provide Overwatch players with all the treats they could ask for. Last week, we discovered that Funko Pop! created Junkrat and Roadhog vinyl figures to celebrate the spooky holiday. Today, we found out that Mercy and Zenyatta have also received the Funko treatment.

Blizzard revealed the new vinyls for the healers, along with some short descriptions. Zenyatta apparently turned towards the Dark Lord, but he didn’t go all the way evil.

Overwatch Zenyatta Cultist Pop Vinyl

“Zenyatta’s Cultist skin might have channeled the dark power of the Ancient Ones, but that doesn’t mean he can’t be your friend. Find a nice spot on your desk for him, and he’ll protect you from the real eldritch terrors that lurk in the night.”

On the flip side, Mercy joined a coven!

Overwatch Mercy Witch Pop Vinyl

“Celebrate the frights and delights of Halloween Terror all year round with this new vinyl figure based on Mercy’s Witch skin.”

Mercy definitely deserves a longer writeup than that. She’s badass and adorable. For shame, Blizzard.

You can buy the Zenyatta and Mercy Pop vinyls through the Blizzard Store for $15. These exclusive figures are only available there and will arrive in time for the scariest of holidays. While you wait for delivery, you can check out Halloween Terror 2018. The seasonal occasion went live today and lasts until October 31. Overwatch fans can celebrate the occasion with plenty of exciting new skins, like Widowmaker’s Spider look.

How big can Overwatch get? In addition to a player base well into eight digits and some adorable collectibles, the game has put out an absurd amount of merch. That includes (deep breath) Nerf blasters, Nikes, a sword, a charger, LEGOs, and cereal. Yes, Kellogg is dropping Lucio-Ohs on us. It’s nearly impossible to overstate how successful this game has become. And with BlizzCon 2018 around the corner, we should expect the Overwatch train to gather even more steam.

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