WATCH: This No Man’s Sky Mod Aims To Make The Game Like Original Fan Expectations

No Man’s Sky is a massive space game that is so huge, an end isn’t insight. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the only thing that was huge – so was the backlash after the overwhelming (or underwhelming) reception the title received at launch. It was so bad, the game’s developers went radio silent before addressing the issue and have since then created various patches to match more of that player expectation.

Still, some would argue that there is more work yet to be done, though the reviews quickly turned around since those first few months. One user created a mod for PC players that matches the game as it is currently more closely to that of the original expectation. The ambitious mod is definitely impressive, and might just be that added boost that players are looking for when wanting to dive back into the the space adventure.

So what is RaYRoD’s Overhaul mod and how exactly does it change up No Man’s Sky? According to his modding page:

A *few* of the *countless* things that you will experience with this mod are… a complete visual overhaul, re-enabled and re-created pre-release features by me, over 1,000 different handcrafted procedural biomes made by me, with rules and algorithms *that have been tested one by one* with research, inspiration, passion, and creativity to ensure that they all meet a beautiful quality standard and are stable, every version of No Man’s Sky that ever existed has been converted to atlas rises and imported into the game with this mod (This means that every bit of lost content from all versions of the game now exists in here, thus taking exploration incentive up HUGE notch).

E3 biomes re-imported and re-created, additional E3 biomes combined with other biomes that I’ve made, an ecology overhaul (read the changelog for full details), and a terrain overhaul by me (I re-wrote the game’s terrain over 9 times manually about 250k lines of xml to create a nearly infinite variety of terrain).

More intense and dynamic “E3 Style” weather and storms across all biomes (Major fog adjustments, Major height fog adjustments, major depth of field adjustments, Major opacity and speed adjustments and other things (depending on the kind of weather that occurs), expanded color pallettes (The color palettes from every version of the game exist in here giving the possibility for infinite color variety), and hundreds of thousands of more ehancements and surprises that is really too much to write or talk about.”

If you’re interested in seeing if this mod makes the game live up to its original hype, you can download it right here alongside the full credit listing and how to utilise it. What do you think about this No Man’s Sky mod? Worth the wait, or did you think the title didn’t deserve the hate it got? Sound off with your thoughts in the comment section below, and don’t forget to check out DFTG on Twitter for gaming and entertainment news live 24/7!

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