PlayStation VR2: 5 New VR Games Revealed By Sony (VIDEO)

PlayStation VR2

Sony unleashed a monsoon of reveals this week with its latest State of Play presentation, showing off such anticipated projects as the colorful brawling revamp Street Fighter 6, the Dead Space-like Callisto Protocol, as well as the explosive medieval JRPG Final Fantasy XVI. However, the showcase was also dripping with its fair share of software preparing to grace Sony’s new-gen VR headset in development for the PS5, the PlayStation VR2.


Resident Evil 4 Remake

Resident Evil 4 Remake PlayStation VR2

At the top of the showcase, Sony came out swinging with one of the most heavily anticipated games in Capcom’s game slate, the Resident Evil 4 remake. Though the survival horror revival was expected well ahead of time due to leaks, its appearance was nonetheless delightful to see as it looks to be going for the same brutally scary tone of the developer’s other recent REmakes, RE2 and RE3. However, what makes RE4 different is that the remake is also coming to PlayStation VR2 in the form of unspecified “content also in development.”


Resident Evil Village

Following that bombshell, Capcom continued its undead spree with confirmation that Resident Evil Village would also be getting support for PSVR2. Built for the PS5 version, the port will take advantage of 4K HDR visuals, eye tracking, and 3D audio technology built into the headset, as well as utilize the system’s motion-sensitive Sense controllers. These peripherals enable players to dual-wield weapons and aim more precisely from a first-person perspective.​


The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners – Chapter 2: Retribution

Next up was a peek at the sequel to The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners, confirming yet another zombie VR game during the presentation. Following in the footsteps of the original, the follow-up Chapter 2: Retribution is also pursuing a similar means of narrative, combat, and crafting-based gameplay for its release on PSVR, but also “higher quality visuals, more precise hand tracking and larger, more detailed levels” for the new-gen PlayStation VR2.


No Man’s Sky

Personified as one of the great comeback stories of gaming, No Man’s Sky recovered from its launch debacles to live up to and even surpass its potential across dozens of worthwhile updates. With the PSVR2 on the horizon, it looks like the space exploration-survival title is now in the works, evolving from its current PSVR compatibility to include upgrades to environments and vehicles, as well as graphics and menu interfaces to better live up to the VR potential of the PS5.


Horizon: Call of the Mountain

Having already announced the Horizon-based VR back in January, Sony and Firesprite lastly showed off a new look at gameplay for Call of the Mountain, offering a more immersive spin on the series’ action RPG formula. Featuring machine combat and environmental exploration, the PlayStation VR2 exclusive centers around Ryas, a new hero adept at “climbing and archery,” but learns to master a variety of tools and weapons on his journey. Players are also said to cross paths with familiar Horizon locations and characters, including Aloy herself.

Though only five games in total were present at Sony’s State of Play presentation, they certainly left an impression on the in-development PSVR2 hardware. The headset is certainly a looker in the design department and already boasts some impressive specifications for its new-gen debut on PS5. The single-cord headset doesn’t yet have a release date planned, but fans should likely take notice if these blockbusters are already among its library.

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