Reports Indicate Next Mass Effect Entry On Hiatus, BioWare Montreal Undergoing Changes

Next Mass Effect Entry

Now that Mass Effect: Andromeda has officially had more than a month since its initial release, the effects that the financial and critical reception have had on the game, and even its publisher and developer’s plans as a whole, can be more objectively recognized. Publisher Electronic Arts has openly acknowledged the mixed critical reactions that the game has received, but has confirmed that the recently announced delay of the new BioWare IP game is not directly related to Mass Effect: Andromeda. Now, it appears that a follow-up to Andromeda may not be seen for a while, as reports point to the next Mass Effect entry being put on “hiatus”.


Four sources close to BioWare have reported to Kotaku that the Mass Effect franchise has been put on hiatus for now, and that BioWare Montreal, who developed Andromeda, is being converted into a support studio. Just recently, several BioWare Montreal employees were to the nearby EA Motive studio to assist with the development of the new Star Wars Battlefront game. Those that remained with BioWare Montreal to support Andromeda’s multiplayer mode, as well as assist with the new BioWare IP’s development. To comment on these recent events, Yanick Roy, studio director at BioWare Montreal, had this to say:

“Our teams at BioWare and across EA put in tremendous effort bringing Mass Effect Andromeda to players around the world. Even as BioWare continues to focus on the Mass Effect Andromeda community and live service, we are constantly looking at how we’re prepared for the next experiences we will create.

The teams in EA Worldwide Studios are packed with talent, and more than ever, we are driving collaboration between studios on key projects.

With our BioWare and Motive teams sharing studio space in Montreal, we have BioWare team members joining Motive projects that are underway. We’re also ramping up teams on other BioWare projects in development.”

While it seems that the Mass Effect franchise is far from over and that Andromeda is still performing well enough to keep continued support for the game, it seems that the franchise will be entering cryogenic sleep for the immediate future. We here at DFTG can’t wait for the series to awaken from that sleep once more. What do you guys think? Are you sad to see the next Mass Effect entry put on hiatus? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Kelley Reply

    May 11, 2017 at 12:33 AM

    I think it was a dog needing to be put down… maybe never go back to Andromeda and start over with something else and pretend the game never came out… Its sad, cause I love Bioware and I love Mass Effect, but did anyone even play test the game before releasing it… They needed that, they needed feed back before the release. And to release a game so glitch… and the dialogue … I winced every time I had to choose a reply cause I knew they were all going to be stupid and embarrassing. I am still struggling through my first play through…. On the other Mass effect games I would have been on my 10th play through by now. It was an epic fail and obviously they realized it…. (And that dosnt even go into the failure of the voice acting and other issues)

  • Jonathan Reply

    May 16, 2017 at 6:42 PM

    As far as I am concerned if something is put on hiatus it is as good as being cancelled. Once a project goes on hiatus it will never resume but will end up in the dust bin of video game history. So as far as I’m concerned I just found out that Bioware decided to kill any future Mass Effect titles. So that being the case..they lost one customer right here..I wouldn’t buy any future games even if it was a Dragon Age game. So they might as well discontinue any support for the game right now because we all know that all the content for Mass Effect Andromeda that was going to appear has already appeared and no further content will ever see the light of day.

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